Bangkok-based demi-fine handcrafted jewelry inspired by imperfectly perfect forms of nature.
Creating distinctive, timeless pieces that reflect the aesthetic of the wearer and their everyday life.
Made ethically, sustainably, and designed consciously.

  • Handcrafted Locally

    As we are a small independent brand, each piece of Kharys jewelry is soldered, sewed, carved and shaped by hand. We infuse love and energy into each piece of work to create truly unique product, which helps to support the community.

  • Made Ethically and Sustainably

    We aim to be as sustainable and ethical as possible throughout all order of operation - from utilizing recycled metal for majority of our jewelry pieces and fair trade gemstones to recycable & reusable packaging.

  • Designed Consciously

    We create our pieces to be both beautiful and purposeful - our design detail replicates the imperfectly perfect organic forms of nature and each handmade piece is thought-out beforehand with a focus on minimizing waste.

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