Our Story

Derived from the ancient words, Kharis means “beauty, nature, and human creativity”.

Welcome to Kharys Studio.
My name is Mika and I’m the founder and designer of Kharys Studio.

We are Bangkok based demi-fine handcrafted jewelry with careful attention to detail, comfort and style, as well as cherishing an imperfectly perfect forms of nature.

I have always had a passion for jewelry and crafts. Being born and raised in Tokyo, grew up in Bangkok and studied in New York City - I was exposed to the diverse crafts of creativity and design. This became a part of my identity and the art of making jewelry became my passion. I studied jewelry throughout the years in various institution and in 2021 I decided to create my own brand. 

I strongly believe that jewelry is meant to be worn everyday. It is a sentimental object that not only help us express our personality, but also a direct reflection of our values. 

Therefore, my goal is to create distinctive, timeless, and subtle jewelry pieces that balance the unique handmade art pieces into the aesthetics of everyday life that people want to wear and is easy to wear.

As a small independent brand, every piece of jewelry is handcrafted using the finest materials and produced in small quantities. 

I hope you enjoy wearing my jewelries as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

With love,