Jewelry Care

We strongly believe that jewelry is meant to be worn every day

Just wear and enjoy!

Kharys Materials

All of our product are made of high quality 14k solid gold, 18k gold vermeil and solid 925 sterling silver. While most of our jewelry requires very little care, we do recommend taking off your jewelry when you wash your hands, shower, exercise, swim, put on skincare products and moving heavy objects. This is because harsh chemicals and other substances can damage, scratch or discolor the jewelry. 

Sterling Silver

Silver is subject to tarnish overtime when exposed to oxygen and sulphur in the air. The best measure to prevent this is wearing your silver jewelry often! Because the oils in your skin help prevent tarnish (This varies depending on your own body chemistry).

We also recommend that rinse your jewelry with warm water, wipe it with sterling silver polishing cloth or soft cloth, and store in airtight bag.

18k Gold Vermeil

Although our gold Vermeil is a minimum 2.5 microns thick layer of 18k solid gold on sterling silver to maximize the lifetime of your jewelry, we cannot guarantee that the plating will be permanent as its condition depends on each person's body chemistry and jewelry care. 

We recommend that rinse your jewelry with warm water, wipe it with soft cloth, and store in airtight bag. (*Silver cleaner and silver polishing cloth must not be used on the plating)

14k Solid Gold

Mix a small amount of mild dish soap with warm water and use a soft toothbrush to scrub it on your jewelry. Rinse away any excess residue and dry thoroughly with a soft polishing cloth. Store your jewelry in airtight bag when not in use.


All gemstones are unique and may vary in color and shape. They need to be treated with care as they can be damaged under certain circumstances. To prevent damage as much as possible, we recommend that you avoid exposing your gemstones to variable temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics and chemicals. Please rinse your gemstones with warm water, wipe it with soft cloth, and store it in airtight bag.